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I. Velikovsky
300 Catalina Avenue
Pelican Island,
Seaside Heights,
Ocean Country, NJ. 08751

Princeton, August 6, 1977

Dear Mr. Ellenberger:

I believe there exists an answer to Sachs, either in print or in typescript, but so far I am unable to locate it. I will ask Dr. Velikovsky when I see him tomorrow at Pelican Island, and will send you whatever he suggests be sent.

Meanwhile, you may find the enclosed “Special Report” of the Brown Daily Herald of some interest—it was printed before the discussion.

Your efforts with the NYTimes and with Dr. Fell are greatly appreciated. Dr. Velikovsky received Fell’s book from Vine Deloria, who is an ardent follower, and was greatly impressed by it, and I did point out to him the “Pontotoc stele” (p. 159) and its date. For me, this alone validates much of Fell’s work. I first heard of him in 1975 when he identified some markings found on two stones near Sherbrooke in Quebec as Libyan script, and read in it the name of Hiram. Prof. Thomas E. Lee, who lives in Ottawa and teaches at the Universite de Laval in Quebec City, published at that time a short report on the find in the magazine which he edits, the Anthropological Journal of Canada, and the report was subsequently picked up by a number of newspapers. But when some six months later I went to see Prof. Lee, he still had not received any substantiation from Fell as to the manner of his decipherment, and was rapidly losing confidence in Dr. Fell’s work. But now, after reading his book, I would say that there is very little doubt that his case is very strong.

However, he has not contacted Dr. Velikovsky as yet.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Sammer (Mr.)

assistant to Dr. Velikovsky.

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