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36 Hamilton Ave. Apt. 1-R
St. George, NY 10301
July 20, 1977

Dear Dr. Velikovsky,

In the course of searching for reviews of works dealing with your theories, I started looking up the reviews mentioned in the SIS Review, The Times Literary Supplement’s June 25, 1976 review by John North of Velikovsky Reconsidered mentioned Abraham Sachs’ criticism of your use of Mesopotamian materials made during a 15 minute talk in 1965 or thereabouts, there being no specific reference. You were allegedly present at the talk and according to North never answered Sachs. None of the letters to the editor that were published took North to task on the Sachs commentary.

North’s version of the talk seems very damning, just as so many other “authoritative” debunkings of your works have the appearance of correctness which disappears upon closer scrutiny by knowledgeable persons. I suspect this would be the case with Sachs’ comments if all the details were available. So, I write you requesting references on this matter. Could you send me any information that would elucidate this incident?

I know that you gave not been formally answering critics as actively as you did in the 1950’s, but if you could send me any information such as copies of notes, correspondence, a draft rebuttal, a brief recollection of the event and the issues or whatever, I would appreciate it very much. Naturally, any reference to published material would be satisfactory, and I would not be overly surprised if some account of this has appeared in print.

Thank you for your help.

Respectfully yours

C. Leroy Ellenberger

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