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May 9, 1977
(mailed May 10)

Dear Marx:

This morning we received the first letter from you. It contained also a pleasant note from your wife.

Your letter contained a note from Ullstein and your prompt reply.

Here you will find an inquiry, received via Doubleday this morning, concerning Czechoslovakia. Please find out how good is the firm. I will make arrangements that Spanish rights, in South America and in Europe, should be formalized as a gift to our daughter Ruth Sharon (50 Deerpath, Princeton), and Scott Meredith will handle the contract, whether with Diana or with Pomaire.

The Italian and Scandinavian rights I would give as a gift to our elder daughter, Shulamith Kogan (35A Trumpledor Street, Haifa, Israel), and French rights to our granddaughter, Rivka Kogan, student (25 Rav Uziel Street, Bait V’Gan, Jerusalem) and to our grandson, Meir Kogan, who lives on Kibbutz Yavneh with his wife and child he is an engineer and army officer.

The Czechoslovakian rights I will formalize as a gift to Jan Sammer (domiciled at 781-38th Avenue, Lachine, Montreal, Canada) so that he should be able to go on with his scholarly career for years to come.

The use of the Greek rights I would present as a gift for length of life (she is in her sixties) to Marion Kuhn (90 LaSalle Street, Manhattan, N.Y. 10027). (This I will still consider—an alternative is in making to her regular [twice a year] payments.

Thus the contracts with the publishers will, upon negotiations, be signed by these individuals.

In view of the fact that by now with Ramses II there are six books to offer for foreign rights, it would probably make better sense to separate the Ages series, and have one publisher for history and another publisher for the other books, especially in Germany.

I reconsidered, and wish to suggest the following plans Your share is one eighth (12½ %), but you retain from countries not “gifted” an additional 7½ % for work that furthers our goals—at our common discretion (such will be the case with Germany).

Until formalization (I have to see a lawyer) I may make some changes in “gift of countries.”

Enclosed you will find a letter by Langenbach (May 4) with a copy of his letter to the New York Times (May 2).

With friendly greetings,

Immanuel V.

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