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78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, New Jersey

May 12, 1977


Dear Dr. Velikovsky,

it was hard work to obtain your address. Immediately after hearing of your book in January I contacted the European agent of Doubleday and asked for a proof copy. Then in April of this year the agent told me, that Doubleday controls the translation rights. I wrote to Doubleday and they informed me, that the rights are controlled directly,by the author o. k. Are the German rights still free and if they are available, can you send me a proof copy (I fear they don’t)?

By the way UMSCHAU VERLAG is the publisher of a leading scientific journal in Germany and is publishing a book list with some fresh approaches. For example we are the publisher of the Doubleday book Henry Miller, “Insomnia or the Devil at Large” - Denis Postle, “The Fabric of the Universe” (Crown) - Walter Sullivan, “Continents in Motion” (McGraw Hill) - Robert Temple, “The Sirius Mystery” (St. Martin’s Press). The latter we have pushed at the moment to the best seller list in DER SPIEGEL.

It would be nice to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Dieter Curths

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