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Afternoon – Friday, 6 May, 1977

Dear Marx:

You left on Sunday, you called from home on Monday, and today is Friday—and very many things did happen in those few days. I will not write today much—but mention only a few items.

Earl Milton from Lethbridge, Canada, is with us since yesterday and leaves tomorrow morning together with Alfred de Grazia—who just now spent with us some time—and left copies of letters he wrote to Enc. Br. and to NYTimes.

Sagan sent me a new book of his, inscribed “with all good wishes” and a day apart arrived the tape of his this year’s lecture on the yearly theme—Venus and V—in which he indoctrinates future astronomers in their first year with derision toward me and my work the daily paper of Ithaca carried this week a large article with my picture on P. of S., very positive.

Isenberg sent in his lecture at the convention of science writers in Jerusalem (on 26 April)—amd it is very good. I am going to cable him, he should submit it to Nature, Science, New Scientist, etc.

I intend to write an article (not letter) to NYT Book Review Section—one night I jotted down many passages for it—and it will be, if published, an answer not just to another of the articles in NYT—but to many others—Gingerich, one of them. It is my conviction that he manipulated the media since 1974.

Mondadori is probably the largest Italian publisher. I will answer them and you will try to deal with them and compare the offers of Garzanti and Mondadori.

I have much more to say—but will only add—I really greatly on you—and it was good to know you


Immanuel V.

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