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October 29, 1956

Dear Dr. Federn:

     You see how slowly I move. When I have a list of questions and displace them, I make another list and displace it again. So let me ask you just one or two questions as they come my way.

     1. Whether the sarcophagus or the mummy of Beketaten or Merietaten, daughters of Amenhotep III and IV, were discovered? I will show that Beketaten was a daughter of Tiy and Akhnaton, her son.
     2. Was it Drioton who established that Davis’ “Akhnaton’s mummy” was actually of Smenkhkare?
     3. Lord Carnarvon and a series of others died soon after the discovery of Tuthenhamun’s grave. Where is the story of these coincidental deaths?

     You may imagine—in my reconstruction of the historical substratum of the Oedipus legend—Thutenkhamun—is Eteocles, and Smenkhkare is Polineikes.

Im. Velikovsky