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November 06 , 1956

Dear Dr. Federn:

     Thanks for your reply of Nov. 1st. I made myself not entirely clear. I intended to inquire about the tombs and mummies of Beketaten and Merit-Aton, the wife of Smenkhkare, not Meket-Aton, who died unmarried.
     By the way I came across an information that in Luxor there is an inscription and basrelief concerning Alexander’s visit in Thebes. I wonder whether a comparison of this text with the text of the Banned (Meunier) gives any support to me, namely the similarity of the texts, or even the same name of the priest?
     When in New York I shall call you by phone and find how are you and how is your work progressing.
     Regards from Elisheva.

Im. Velikovsky

Ps. Once I read about 70 tablets of “Iluminations of Bel.” Never saw again any reference to them. If by chance you have come across this unilluminated “illuminations”, let me, please, know.