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September 28 , 1956

Dear Dr. Federn:

    Thanks for your criticism of the translation. I did not feel that it is so bad. Have you not been a too severe judge? Would you please mail me back the translation and please mark with pencil places that appear especially wrong (on the pages that you have examined). I remember that the translation of “Welten in Zusammenstoss” also requiree my (and Elisheva’s) corrections.
     It is a good news that you feel strong enough to accept a job that requires riding in the subways. More strength to you. I had a letter from Schaeffer—he wrote it between Alexandria and Beyrouth` he read on the boat my “Worlds in Collision”, hopes to discuss it with me in the spring and intended to start that evening the “Ages”.
     In my letter to him, written before that, I asked him to pay attention whether the unexpected (expected by me) combinations of finds would come up.

Im. Velikovsky

Mrs. Fuhr showed great enthusiasm for my work, studied ancient records, wrote many excerpts and I would not like to discourage her if it is not mandatory. Of course, “Ages” will be published in German only once, and I owe it to my work that the translation should be perfect.