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526 West 113th Street, New York, N. Y.
Phone: Monument 2-2225

January, 1948

Dear Dr. Federn:

I tried to reach you by telephone, but without success. In your last letter you offered to come to the Avery Hall on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I shall leave at the Librarian desk the first cover of my historical manuscript on Wednesday, and shall myself come before nine o’clock; but if you cannot come on Wednesday, then the manuscript will remain in the hands of the Librarian for the next day (Thursday). On a number quotations, the year or the publication place are omitted, but will need to be filled in.

I hope that this experiment of controlling the bibliographical material used in my manuscript will be a successful team-work, and I understand that your work will be done on a professional basis.

Cordially yours,
Immanuel Velikovsky