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May 25, 1955

Dear Dr. Hayes:

I am writing to you at the request of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and because, as the secretary to the late Professor Einstein I feel that I should inform you of the following matter.

During the course of the last eighteen months Professor Einstein had several discussions with Dr. Velikovsky—with whom he had friendly personal relations—about the latter’s work. The last such discussion took place on April 8th. In the course of this conversation Professor Einstein said that he would write to you and suggest that you should give Dr. Velikovsky an opportunity to have his theory subjected to a radiocarbon test.

As I was present at this discussion I can assure you that Professor Einstein did intend to write that suggestion to you and but for the lateness of the hour the letter to you would have been written then and there.


Yours sincerely,


Helen Dukas


Secretary to Albert Einstein