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April 16, 1955

My dear Dr. Hayes:

You are undoubtedly familiar with the startlingly revolutionary revision of ancient chronology before Cyrus the Great, which Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky has suggested as correct in his volume,. Ages in Chaos.

For students of ancient history, ancient civilization, ancient art, it is manifestly of capital importance to know whether Ramses II or Nebuchadnezzar are separated by about six centuries, according to the standard chronology, or are contemporaries, as Dr. Velikovsky is striving to prove.

The matter should be settled, if possible, once for all. It is so vital for all students of ancient history to have all doubts removed that the application of the radio-carbon test seems to be most desirable.

You would render us all an immense service if you submitted some objects of the 18the, 19th 20th 30th dynasties of Egypt and possibly some datable objects from Mesopotamia and other ancient countries to the Libby test. Even though such a test has a margin of error, it probably would settle the matter once for all.

Thanking you in advance for your help, and with my kindest regards,

  Yours faithfully,
  Robert H. Pfeiffer