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June 22, 1955

Dear Professor Pfeiffer

Replying to your letter of April 16th, which I have just this minute received, I think we may have some small organic samples datable to the New Kingdom which I can let you have in your official capacity as Curator of Harvard University’s Semitic Museum. I assume that the request is made in behalf of Harvard University, as we do not, of course, hand out material to private individuals for their own uses. Upon assurance from you that this is the case I shall see what I can do about finding the material.

Since I am leaving within a few days on a rather prolonged vacation and since during the summer we operate on a skeleton staff it will not, in any case, be possible to rout the material out of storage until the Fall.

I should also doubt very much if we have anything later in date than Dyn. XVIII, most of our later material having been acquired, not from our excavations, but through purchase, a circumstance which makes it unlikely that it includes expendable organic samples.

  Sincerely yours,
  William C. Hayes:

[Handwritten note in margin:] Dear Dr. Velikovsky: Sorry about this. With all good wishes. Yours cordially, [signed] Robert H. Pfeiffer.