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April 29, 1963

Dear Dr. Rix:

I have received your letter and the typescript “Offenbarung im Licht und Schatten” . I have already looked into it leaving the essay for a later more attentive reading. I am under the impression that you have something important to say. I have myself similar ideas that I intend, time permitting, to write as The Great Fear: in it I would explain many rituals, much behavior, as the result of the great hidden wound in the phylogenetic soul of man, unhealed since the days of the great catastrophes. Your thought that even in the reception of my book, very hysterical on the part of the scientific groups, there was something of this nature, is most probably true. Man does not like to think that he travels on a perilous journey; he did not like to think that his planet moves; how much more unpleasant is it to think that it moves on a road where accidents occur.

I would suggest that you work on your piece, and develop it into a book, if you have material and desire. It would serve the purpose of gradual development of the theme, if you will follow my example and divide the subject into short sections, four to eight pages long, each dealing with a certain part of the whole. Should you succeed you may find a publisher in Switzerland, and in translation, in England or America.

With your manuscript that arrived two days ago there was in the same mail a book written by a Swedish author dealing with my theory. However, I do not read Swedish.

You write, “full recollection appears to be the only remedy” also for internationalrelations. There is much truth in it.

Immanuel Velikovsky