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Jerusalem, 24. April 1963

Dear Dr. Velikovsky,

enclosed please find an exposť of some of the ideas I developed since I wrote to you last time. The thought has never left me that it cannot be mere chance that among so many new and revolutionary theses of Ages in Chaos also a whole chapter, applied to the beginning of anti-Semitism, should have found its place there. Concluding that there must be something more in it than to accept how “this mistake [Manetho’s ], accidental or deliberate, has played a harsh role in the fate of the Jewish people” . So one of these days the idea of the connexion between the giving of the law and the other events struck me. Most probably this is not altogether news for you, still I would appreciate it very much, could you let me know, why you hesitate to publish the second part of Ages in Chaos.

I cannot fully agree with the expression of your letter of May 7, 1962, describing Mr. Gollancz as “one of those ‘originals’ who need not be taken seriously” . The world is abundant of individuals endeavoring to put the Jewish people in the wrong, so that aggressive action should appear justified. This projection-system has already taken the toll of many lives and there is plenty of evidence for the preparation to take new ones.

I think that Jung’s conception of ‘collective unconsciousness’ is still encountering the same resistance, as Freud’s ‘individual unconsciousness’ met with at the beginning of psycho-analysis. You led the way to eliminate this blind spot which seems to be responsible for so many misunderstandings and human catastrophes. I dare not guess how many years it will take until all this will be recognized, but full recollection appears to be the only remedy.

Very sincerely yours,