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December 18, 63

Dear Dr. Rix:

I have received by surface mail your essay on Dürer’s Melancholia. I have recently found time to spend two mornings to read your earlier essay that you have sent me last April. I found that you have many ideas and much material to your disposal; but this careful reading confirmed me my first impression at a cursory reading: to be readable you need to rework your material and divide it into themata, in each chapter beginning and ending a single subject.

I found two of your ideas magnificent: The hatred of the Jews because they claim of having the upheaval made for their benefit (the Hyksos actually profited); and the words of the Gospels about the fiery furnaces and Hitler’s accomplishing such vision and doom (by expolarizing his own hateful traits). Would you not make these two ideas, in some way also connected, to a theme of an essay or even a book?

Your new paper will need wait some time because at the present I am very busy with ending Ages in Chaos, a work that grew to a 4 volume book.

Immanuel Velikovsky