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Nov. 4, 63

Dear Dr. Rix:

I have received your letter which I read and three pages of manuscript which I intend to read at a free moment.

The author of the three volumes of a historical novel is Poul Hoffmann (not Neumann). I possess these books (the author mailed them to me) but I have not read them. The phenomenon you describe as found in one of his books, could be of electrical nature; but it is necessary to find what were his sources. You may write him: H. Thomsensvej, 30 Birkero/d, Denmark.

Although your English is not equal to your German, but should you write in English, a good copy-editor would be able to make it good for print.

I would not subscribe to your idea about the Israelites as guilty in the disappearance of the sun, in the opinion of other races of antiquity. I would suggest again that you concentrate your theme on The Great Fear. I imagine that in a decade from now there will be more than one article and book on the subject. I may even write one myself and actually started it years ago; but other books claim precedence. Should you succeed, your book may be included in the projected series.

Immanuel Velikovsky