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August 3, 1964 - mailed with delay on Aug. 12  

Dear Dr. Rix:

Upon the arrival of your last letter and the manuscript in the first week of July, I have read them very carefully; I also for experimental purpose, tried to edit this manuscript. As before I find that your writings represent a mine of information and regularly some original ideas, but the representation is not “druckreif” . The manuscript under my hand became all marked with signs of deletion, transposition, etc. When the time comes, I don’t yet know when, to put together the book on The Great Fear, I will try and see what can be salvaged from your various manuscripts in order to present a logical and consistent chapter. But should you wish to use your writing in a different way, it is always at your disposal. Read yourself the chapter that you have mailed me last and mark on the margin of the pages the subjects dealt with in each paragraph separately, and then observe on how many tangents you have gone carried away by the richness of your imagination and abundance of associations.

I assume that your attempt to come into contact with some of the people of the Jungian group bore fruit. If Jung’s theory is true then there must be subconscious fears going back to the cataclysmic experiences of our forebears.

Cordially yours,
Immanuel Velikovsky