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July 16, 1945

My dear Dr. Velikovsky:

Many thanks for your kind letter of July 11. You are most generous in judging my competence in ancient Near Eastern history, but I know my limitations. In any case I am grateful for your encouraging opinion of my knowledge.

If, as I understand, you will submit your manuscript on ancient history to the Harvard University Press for publication, you will not be asked by the Harvard Press to suggest a reader. As a matter of fact, if you did suggest a reader they would probably regard him as biased in your favor and question his recommendations. The Harvard Press will select its own readers on the Harvard Faculty and elsewhere. If they ask me to report on your book, I shall gladly do so as a matter of course. In any case I shall not communicate with the Press about your book before I am asked, and I do not believe you should suggest my name.

In any case, I still am firmly convinced that the publication of your book would be of immense value to historical studies.

With all good wishes,


Yours faithfully,

  Robert H. Pfeiffer