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July 2, 1945

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
New York City


Dear Dr. Velikovsky:-

Thank you for your good letter of the 29th of June, which was forwarded to me here in the country (where I shall be, presumably, until September 20).

I was very sorry to hear that the Oxford Press had finally declined to print your radical revision of ancient history. As I had written you after reading the first draft, your conclusions were so revolutionary that I was unable to accept them at once, but that I believed your work should be printed without any question. My opinions on the matter are of no great importance, while your provocative brilliant sutdy could mean a new era in the research for the historical period before Alexander.

I deeply regret that the Oxford Press misunderstood my letter and wrongly classed me with those opposed to the printing of your book.

I shall be glad to give a favorable report to the Harvard University Press. But I should like to have a more competent man be the official reader. If you happen to know of a historian of antiquity “independent in judgment and fearless in matters of science” will you please communicate his name to me (with address, since I lack a full library here in the country)? In this country I can think of only A. T. Olmstead (Chicago) and A Goetze (Yale) who have done valuable research in ancient history.

With all good wishes for the publication of your book, and best personal regards,


Yours faithfully,

  Robert H. Pfeiffer

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