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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 Oberdorf,

April 11, 1980

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Mr. Warner Sizemore
Glassboro State College
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Dear Mr. Sizemore,

if what you say in your letter of April 3 were representative of the facts I would have heard from Dr. Velikovsky a long, long time ago. Your writing like this after the event of Dr. Velikovsky’s death to me is further proof 1) of his having actually been pressured into disavowing mutual and written agreements, and 2) that he has withstood this pressure for months, if not years, until he was very weak of old age indeed.

Again, you do not state a single fact why Dr. Velikovsky and I should have been in disagreement, nor do you explain how I am supposed to “have used Velikovsky for my own self interest”. What I do know, however, is, that profound differences of opinion exist between Ms. Velikovsky’s and your own faith in religious matters on one side, and the thinking of Dr. Velikovsky, as also expressed in writing, on the other side. These matters have been quite clearly exposed lately on the Holocaust question.

If we do not draw a line now, agreeing to disagree on the fundamental question of the significance of Dr. Velikovsky’s work, and if you do not stop switching this disagreement to attacks against perfectly legal and above-board business agreements, you will hardly ever allow me to offer assistance, even by little steps, in the years to come. Take those one hundred Dollars as such a step, even if you consider them as an acknowledgment of the trouble you and Lewis Greenberg have to bear.

I shall attend the S.I.S. meeting in London on the 26th. If you wish to let Prof. de Grazia communicate a message, and if he agrees to take it, do so. I have asked our German publisher to join me there, too.



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