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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
CH - 4436 Oberdorf

April 6, 1980

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Prof. Lynn E. Rose
State University of N. Y.
Department of Philosophy
Buffalo, N.Y. 14260
U. S. A.

Dear Lynn,

I am sorry to see you so agitated. I simply must put up with it until you put questions and ask for answers. And until then, too, I shall not stand up against each and every imputation raised against me.

At the request of UMSCHAU VEPLAG I have explained the position to them in context. I think you should know about this, and I therefore enclose this letter. Would you say that Mr. Pinto was not informed about the letters by Velikovsky refuting his statements so easily? What, do you think, is the impression left by a document requested from (or even dictated to, for all I know) a dying man under the eyes of witnesses whose own interests are involved?

But the moment Velikovsky’s own words have been accepted — when the impossible denials of my agency and rightfully concluded agreements have been dropped—we can freely enter discussions on how to proceed in future. Otherwise your policy is forcing us into a legally clear and easily defensible position, from which, however, we cannot offer any help for solving your problems.

I am enclosing also a short list of errors in Earth (Pocket Books). Tell me too, please, whether you have the corrections I had to make for Peoples and Ramses. Also I should like to know about “mistakes” Velikovsky mentioned he found in Seevölker, but which he didn’t detail to me—especially he named the map we included. And I ask you again about the parting up into 2 volumes and the extension of Ages.



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