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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
CH - 4436 Oberdorf

December 4, 1979

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Prof. Lynn E. Rose
Dept. of Philosophy
State University of
New York & Buffalo
Buffalo, N.Y. 14260
U. S. A.

Dear Lynn,

I was deeply grieved to hear of Dr. Velikovskys death.

Two and a half years ago he had told me that he would entrust you with his literary estate, and he asked me to assist you. Other duties and intentions had also been talked about, and I pursued those I was able to.

However, I surmise that perhaps not much is left of those plans and without being called upon I shall of course refrain from taking any action, though keeping to the tasks according to the agreements standing for the German and Dutch language areas.

Do let me know about points you wish to see perhaps more clearly.

I very much liked your careful discussion of Saturn in the last KRONOS issue.

I’m enclosing a copy of the obituary in The Times, together with my letter to them.

Best wishes,


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