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cc.: Herrn Marx

Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue

Princeton, New Jersey

UV Cu/ca. -253-

22. November 1979

Dear Dr. Velikovsky,

thank you kindly for your inquiry. I am enclosing your letter of May 17, 1977, which is in effect the “Handlungsvollmacht” according to which Mr. Christoph Marx acted in signing your mutual contract. It agrees with what you said in your “Notes to my Collaborators” of 19th July 1977 (a copy of which we have received from Mr. Marx) with Swiss and German law; and of course with your consent, as implied ever since 1977.

We have always been, and are, keeping to the letter and intent of our contract with Mr. Marx and your kind self. If you have in mind any changes to our agreements, as perhaps you might be implying in your letter, then I would suggest your discussing them directly with Mr. Marx, who I am sure will present your intentions to our mutual satisfaction.

May I also be allowed to say, that to a substantial part the success of your works in the German language area has been due to Mr. Marx’s exertions, and that also in future, within the frame of our contract and for complementary efforts, we shall expect to count on him. Your also sustaining our mutual purpose will be much appreciated!

Every possible care and attention will as always be expended by our house also on your books to come, and I do hope that the titles we have produced up till today will remain a convincing proof of this.

Sincerely yours

Dieter Curths

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