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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 Oberdorf

March 23, 1978

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Mr. Jan Sammer
c/o Dr. I. Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540

Dear Jan,

your letter has just arrived, and I am glad for the good news regarding Dr. Velikovsky’s health and working spirit.

Regarding the footnotes I am constantly belabouring Mr. Curths, with some success up till now. A special inquiry at book shops his salesmen are undertaking I hope will provide further support for our concern.

By separate and air mail I’m sending you a collection of reviews and publication notices. But one of them, having appeared in the largest circulation Sunday paper (2.4 Mill.) I am enclosing. You will note that one of the points most fascinating for reviewers appear to be the advance claims compared to the data received from the space probes: it is very fortunate to have these in the book.

Sidgwick & Jackson made a mistake in sending you an invoice for books I ordered in the name of PAF for commercial selling to readers who are writing to us on studying Welten. You would do me a favour, though, if you could send me - instead of the ten copies of Earth in Upheaval I was to receive once - two or three copies each of the American editions actually in print.

The German contract again, and very briefly put: There is a mutual agreement between Dr. Velikovsky and myself, covering also actions of mine in Continental and Near Eastern countries. Your letter of May 17, 1977 to Mr. Curths certainly tells UMSCHAU VERLAG of my full authority, on which I always acted. But certainly according to; Swiss “Obligationenrecht” our mutual agreement need not be in writing and I therefore do not see the point your lawyer wishes to make. Perhaps you can ask him to write to me directly. Also I do no\ understand your question about Mr. Curth’s question where to send the money to: according to the contract I had to name the account, and perhaps he wondered whether perhaps there were special arrangements in Germany. Please feel free to write to Mr. Curths, who has repeatedly asked me whether he should write to Dr. Velikovsky, expressing his sincere engagement with the publication of his books Having heard that Dr. Velikovsky was ill, and having little good news from Princeton, I said that instead of friendly phrases it might be more helpful for us to produce good sales reports and getting on with business with so much less fuss.

Now, Jan, you say yourself that it seems unfair to burden Dr.Velikovsky with business matters, and I fully agree, because I feel quite able to take care of them. Then where is this preoccupation with the German contract coming from? And with lawyers and Merediths? This seems hardly productive for our efforts, and looks a foreign element in our understandings.

I have not taken up any problems Mr. Kluwer might have with Dr. Velikovsky, I simply talked about a contract for Peoples and Ramses II. I would expect in my capacity as agent for the Continent to make such a contract, if there isn’t a serious reason for not publishing these titles in Dutch. And I cannot believe that there is one. It is understood that the books must be published under the separate range of Ankherbooks, and that the translation should be reviewed by (Ms) Dr. Kerkhof. But I have heard nothing further yet from Holland.

There have been inquiries from Israel and France, and I shall write about them when there appear to be results.

During the holidays season I shall probably be away for perhaps up to four weeks in July and/or August. Will you also be going to the summer house again?

Best wishes, and friendly regards to all,


PS: Please don’t forget to provide me with the list of those European scholars who will receive a copy of RAMSES II. For myself I have asked Sidgwick & Jackson to send me ten author’s copies when they become available by July.

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