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I. Velikovsky 78 Hartley Avenue Princeton, N. J. 08540

May 17, 1978

Mr. Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
Oberdorf 4436

Dear Chris:

Thanks for the report from Glasgow. Several other participants also wrote and it seems that on the whole the meeting was a success. Your letters to the New Scientist and SIS Review were well done. Thanks also for the chart in Englishs possibly it can be put into Assyrian Conquest.

The two readers letters were both requests for autographs. Please forward all correspondence addressed to Velikovsky. But generally, should this not be Umschau’s responsibility?

To your questions of January 29: Velikovsky will let you know later if he needs copies of WeIten. He actually had the book only for a few moments in his hands. As all of us, he thinks it is well produced: but he still objects to the footnotes in the back and wants the other volumes Umschau contracted to have them at the bottom of each page. Velikovsky also noted that the birthdate given on the jacket is incorrect: he was born in 1895. The two pages of yours at the back, right next to Velikovsky’s text, not even with a blank page in between, were a surprise. You sent us tables for checking, but we knew nothing of a “postscript.” It is usual that this kind of write-up appear on the jacket only. It goes without saying that in the future any additional material must be approved by Velikovsky, or by Mrs. Velikovsky.

We received a bill from Sidgwick & Jackson for ten copies of Peoples of the Sea, and another ten of Velikovsky Reconsidered, Now as you know, we do not foresee that you will need Peoples of the Sea to send out to publishers; (in any case, they would have to be paid by you from the 7½ percent designated for expences connected with your efforts to arrange for translations). As for Velikovsky Reconsidered, this book belongs to Steve Talbott of Portland, Oregon, Velikovsky gets no royalties for it. You have to arrange with Steve if you want to handle it, and get the books from him.

One thing which we would like to have cleared up is how exactly did you sign the contract with Umschau. This is something which Velikovsky’s lawyer, and also a New York literary agent, told us you could not have done without a written instruction from Velikovsky to sign this specific contract in his name; yet you wrote that you did it in accordance with German and Swiss law, and Umschau wrote you (letter of Mr. Curths of Nov. 29, 1977) concerning the money transfer; “für das Sie eine Vollmacht haben.” Could you explain? Otherwise we can of course ask Umschau what happened.

As to Holland, I wrote you to leave that country alone, Velikovsky does not want you to involve yourself there. He made an agreement with Mr. Kluwer four years ago, and if there are any problems Mr. Kluwer should write Velikovsky directly.

Velikovsky is well and working on his books; it seems unfair to burden him with business matters at this timeóbut several times he spoke of his intention to write you.

Ramses II is now published, and I think he will send you a copy soon

Yours sincerely,


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