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October 22, 1958            

Dear Dr. Federn:

     This is to acknowledge the arrival of the envelope with the mns. of Oedipus; I wished you have made more suggestions, besides mainly orthographical (it was typed from a mns. by various people). I have received also your letter of Oct. 20 and a postcard of 18th. I am not going to write to Hayes, specially as this is your and not his reading “solomon”. In what capacity this person is spoken of by Hatshepsut? Yet if a photograph is needed to solve the question, you could have asked him (Hayes) without explaining your suggestion, or surmise.

     Does the printed text of Breasted’s Records change itself continuously (in the same printing)? I certainly read not Putoker but Ptwr. Have we seen the same sentence? The name register can easily solve the question.

     You have always taken too little food; now by exhausting yourself with the feverish tempo of your discoveries and library hunting for proofs, beside the two jobs that you have, no wonder that you have ahd a dizzy spell or something of the kind. I advise you to increase your food intake and your rest period in day time and at night. The old mummies will not run away.

     You may answer me as much as you have ready on my questions, and go answering with new information when it is ready. If your reading brought you to any important substantiation of the 540 years difference for the period covered in the first volume of Ages, please let me know.

With kind regards from both of us,                       

Im. Velikovsky

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