Chronicles of Discovery

Marked June 25, 1940

June 20. First time told Elisheva (on Riverside Drive walk) of my idea that coming toward the Israelites leaving Egypt, the conquering Hyksos. The same evening, in the library, I ascertained that this is true. The history must be moved by 700-800 years.

June 21. Read Josephus Flavius Against Apion.

June 22. In Metropol. Mus. of Art Library. Found in Gauthier the name of Tahpanheth. Looked for the first time in T. El Amarna letters by Knudtzon. The name of Abdi-Ashirta, called also Rib-Addi.

June 23. Till afternoon made lists from O.T. Afternoon in the library. Became satisfied from Kutdtzon T A that the time is of Jehoshaphat, as also expected.

June 24. With Elisheva in the Hebrew Division of the Library (42nd Str.) The Amalekites were summoning the Israelites to slavery (upon becoming masters of Egypt)

June 25. Afternoon from 3 to 9:45 in the library. I found what I also thought the evening before. Haremhab was placed at the head of Egypt by Sennacherib. I also found confirmed what I thought that either Sethos or Ramses is Necho. By comparing the material about Nebkadnezzar and about Ramses, that Ramses is Necho. The name is mentioned also in Assyrian documents and also in Egypt. “From Exodus to Exile” (the name of the book to write).

June 26. In the library till 3 pm (forgotten to go to dentist) I met Federn. Did not tell him the subject of my work. I completed the search. Now to classify the material. Cueniform in the letter of El Amarna understandable because this was the time of Assyrian advance toward Egypt.

June 27. Queen of Seba (=Hatshepsut). At once lookup in Encycl—acc. to Jospehus, she was queen of Egypt. And what kind of theories. See Koran —I was depressed today and I was weary. Now I read a chapter in Psalms. — It was given me to solve also this riddle (Q. Sheba) and to know that I am building on a firm ground.

June 28. We have sent the children to a camp. In the evening I came afoot to the library and Elisheva also came. On the way I thought that the letter of the widow of Smenkhkare fits with the story of the Seven Against Thebes and so I learned to know who fought against Thebes. In the Library, Elisheva found the text of the travel of Hatshepsut to Solomon.
This evening we shall not forget. Like drunken wine we sat the evening in the Central Park on our way from the library.
“To remain here till the morning, and in the morning to go again to the library,” said Elisheva. The life was not easy with you but I can say as Wilkie’s wife (he was nominated that day and nothing to envy her) that the life with you was an adventure.
We spoke about my father and mother. We felt as if the world opened itself before us. It was fated that we remained on the sixth of April here. Who would believe that in one week all this research was made.
Not to tarry even for a day. To return respect (glory) to the nation. Sheilok situation. We have suffered for [being identified as] Amalek.

Nov. 7, 940

Less than two weeks ago I was reading the book of Joshua, as I undertook to read (a part of the chapters possible for the first time, or for the first time since childhood) up to Sam. II incl. for the chapter Hyksos-Amalekites.

As I came to the chapter 10 of Joshua, the reading instantly caused the association: the sun and moon staying at the sky and the stones which fell—a celestial body passed near by.

I read once that in Koran there is a legend that hot stones fall on sinners (with inscribed names)—I brought this in connection.

I read about Harras in Arabia, scorched by fire, I brought this in connection.

I decided: a change of the movement is possible at an impact like this. And I thought about the ice age. I knew quite nothing about it. I read about ice age. My supposition was right. When it was, why it had the shape (Am. & Eur. but not Asia), why it ceased—no satis. explanation. I measured the center. I found it to be near the Baffine. Then I thought—and where are the magnetic poles? Are they not in vincinity. I went again to the atlas and I found them in vicinity. I explained to myself that the sun is magnetizing the earth, sot he poles are the result of the previous age. And now? Must be some other point—between the pole (or the point near the pole where the sun just reaches) and the magnetic pole. Thus exists at 78 degrees n. larg. (Maybe this was the ground of complicated influence?) The pole was previously in America.

At the same time I looked for comets in the old time. The list (Roscher or Wissowa) comets in ancient time started with a later time. I looked in the legends of all nations, the Sacred Books of Orient, Golden Bough—no mention of meteorites. Something in China but later. But I knew I must find it—because at the time the sun stopped, the night side of the earth had to experience the hardest blow and be in vicinity of our earth. In the legends of the redskin Indians I found about the hot stones falling from the sky. It looked like a description of a comet.

I had to look in the old description from the time before Columbus. I knew nothing about the Indians, but always was interested to have in future a chance to know what was their culture at the time Columbus came. I looked at the catalogue. Thousands books. I chose a list of them. I got nothing interesting. Next day I ordered another book of my list. It was Brasseur de Bourbourg. I found what I knew I must find. The traditions of the Mexicans from before Columbus are full of memories about great catastrophes.

The idea that meanwhile came to me that some—possibly 65— years before the earthquake and eruptions at Exodus were due to the same cause: now the comet returned to continue the destruction. (That an earthquake was at the Red Sea I found since April; together with the idea of new appearance of the Dead Sea it was the beginning of my paper; then I looked for traces in Egypt, up to - after denials on the part of the Egyptologist that any earthquake was—I found Ipuwer witness).

In Mexican sources I found that there were three catastrophes. Their identification as I possess from Brasseur de Bourbourg has satisfied my desire to find these witnesses. I have to read the sources. Meanwhile I write the chapter.

The sky had to change the constellation-view. I found it in Mexican legends. I looked at Job and found it too.

The time-measure underwent a change together with the new order in the axis, orbit, swiftness. This could be the cause why the age of the patriarchs and their contemporaries was longer and just with Joshua this age over 100 ceases. A year was shorter. Maybe under new influences the life is really shorter?

This issue may be the cause of the mistake of some 600 years in the chronology, which I disocvered previously, and which let me identify: Hyksos-Amalekites. Saul freeing Egypt from slavery, Queen Seba-Hatshepsut, Shisha-Thutmosis III, El Amarna letters-letter of Jehoshaphat and Ahab or Joram, Sanherib and the time of Horemhab his soldier, Ramses and Necho, etc., etc.

Now the Atlantide disappeared at one of these two catastrophes. Arabia and Africa ceased to be lands of cultivation. Now I knew that hot ... in Arabia-Gulf was the center of the catastrophe.

And neft? May be it was sprayed by the comet?

That Europe and N. America have culture—they owe to the comet.

That we have still a moon and the happy circumstance that at the first catastrophe was full moon, (and in Mexico was day, at the second, it was begining of the month (moon afternoon).

The reading of the book of Brasseur de Bourbourg brought me to the idea that Solomon and Hiram were sending their ships to America (Tarshish). I read about Ophir and Tarshish. Would it be at Arabia or in India, they had sent caravans; things and animals that were brought from there exercised the same astonishing effect as the things and animals brought by the conquerors of America. And silver, peacocks (maybe brought just by Phoen. from America are now in Africa) apes (on the picture sof Hat-shep-sut I hoped to differentiate what ape this was from O.W or from the N.W.)

Dec. 8. 940.
More than a week ago, when two parts of the chapter about paleont. were already written, I took the liberty to say and repeat: not all of the huge animals in the hall of reptilia (extinct) are reptilia, there must be (the Brontosaurus) mammalia. As the destruction was in historical times they msut not be animals of millions years ago. I saw these animals only twice more than a year ago. The story of mutation in Indian tales was in my eyes a reflect of the history. So I told to Elisheva and children I am sure to find in Brontosaurus signs of mammalia.
I me with Elisheva and Ruth in the museum, Saturday a week ago. The pelvis, the jaw and the legs—without that I read any book about zoology at all or knew the signs of mammalia—from the common sense only—were for me the signs I found. Now I wrote the chapter about Brontos. (another animal too) as mammalia.
During the week I read a chapter in one of the encyclopedias that there are extinct mammalia—mammoth and mastodont. Mammoths that were found frozen and in condition of preservation in N.E. Siberia—I could instantly explain: they were killed by the comet and their bodies were few hours later brought into the new polar circle.
I read that Mastodont is a name given by Cuvier. I went to the geol. library and read Cuvier, one chapter. thus he begins: Mammoths were found in North, their corpses did not decay; they were killed just before their bodies were frozen. But they could not live in a cold desert. A common ground was for the killing and the change of temperature—a catastrophe.
He is right! Now there is also found by me the cause of all this; the cause that killed (possibly asphyxiated) the animals and turned the land to be cold. —I suppose in N.E. of Siberia rich remnants of culture may be found.-

Since the second part of October (about 20) when I read the book of Jehoshua and at once returned to read two lines before the “sun stopped” about the stones that fell, I realized that...

Dec. 8. 940.

Since Friday a week ago it became clear that 7 days of a week are 7 ages; the meaning of a rest from creation—that the creation went through all the time up to Exodus. The changes in the world were the days (Mex.= the suns) of creation (for this reason all history before exodus—in Breshith). But it came a new catastrophe (in the days of Jehoshua)—this was neglected, just because it was promised, no new catastrophe will come (in Aggada—the stones of Red Sea were suspeneded and fall in the days of Jeshua). The prayer of Saturday evening expresses the idea: Sabbath is the rememberance of the Exodus, of the new calendar, of the Creation. What it means? All the three started together.

Also in Saturday evening prayer (Hardala) the same idea is expressed.

Now I realize that it could really be a double tide—due to the influence of the comet-gravitation. If so—the Jews have all the right to think themselves a chosen people: they were rescued from salvery and from peril at one time. Would the sea at Dunkirk open itself before the British and drown the Nazis—would not the British had the right to believe they are chosen.

In some 10 days a comet will appear in the sky. Who knows whether she will not strike with stones all over Germany? This would be a Divine participation in this struggle.

I know what can happen to our earth from a comet. I would like to have the possibility to write my book to the end.

One or two days during this week I read the legends of creation of Jews. Now the stories of huge animals, fishes and birds seen by travellers have a true part.

The whole idea of very slow development is not exact, because this theory (Darwin) never reckon the catastrophes. The piece of coal must not be of millions of years; because it could burn 3400 years ago. New conditions had to produce new forms. And then the idea of a reserve in the plasma (and in seed) came to me.

Amusant is the story in Agada that the Brontosaurus (Behemoth) in pregnancy the “last year” could not go on feet. This what I expected when I wrote few days before that due to the increase in weight these huge animals had to perish.

Also the story of a mortal battle battle between Brontosaurus (Behemoth) and the bid Ziz remembered me the scene I saw in Museum last Saturday as one extinct devoured another one.

These animals were remnants of a previous epoch, just as the giants the spies found in Palestine; the immigrants of Mexico found there; and recalled by other peoples too.

Geology is “writing and arithmetic.” The millions of years—as Cuvier says—“a century is of no value.”

(Darwin I have not read. I shall read him now.)

Dec. 8. 940.

Since two or three days I told Elisheva that it seems to me as if the planet Venus is the head of the comet that struck our earth many times and after one collision turned to go through the sun and became a planet. What was the suggestion? In different sagas I found the same idea. (Beside the snaring of the sun)—a stone is thrown in the sun, and a crown, or a piece or an eye (Egypt) falls. It was mere supposition. For the new star in the horizon of Mexico and Egypt could be Sirius, after the horizon moved southward. but already the confusion in Mexico and in Egypt bytween Sirius and Venus was a problem. Venus fumed—I found it twice. At first I thought the comet passed through Venus too, and later I came to the above idea.

Yesterday morning I remembered that there exists a legend that a goddess came out of the head of Zeus. I thought it was Aphrodite, in any way I concluded: this is the same story, the goddess is the new planet. Now I was sure. Then I asked Shulamith, she shall be reading the Bible (she was read the moment) look to find about a new star. She told me at once about the passage of Isaiah: Hillel Ben Shahar wished to be over the world and fell: the explanation she learned: it was the morning star (Ben-Shahar). So I had the new proof; I was without doubt. I said to Elisheva: I suppose the light of Venus must be not at all reflected, in any way Venus must be hot, after only 3400 years passed since she went through the sun. I went to the library and in Encyclop. Brit. I could read (Venus, Planets) that she emits heat, and the explanation I found (possibly she turns quick?, or she turns once a year?) was not plausible. Now our earth—similar to Venus—has done the same development.

One moment is a problem for me. When occurred this going through the sun, and “break up” of the sun? After Exodus, or after Jehoshua? In first case in days of Jehoshua the comet was already without its head.

I hope to find the answer in the story of forlorn eye of Osiris (I have not yet read it) or in other sagas.

Since or or two days I intend to think that what happened before the Exodus and in the high and day at Red Sea were two impacts with the same comet—once descending to the sun and one on her return.

The spots on the Sun—are they not smokes from nafta burning, but not escaping, some process there return the composition to nafta once more?

The semi-darkeness during 25? years (Mexico)—Desert (no sun in some variant)—due possibly to the same effect.

It is good that the planet Venus is smaller (a little smaller) than our earth. It disturbed the way of our moon, but could not capture it.

Dec. 8. 940.

To day I think about the second rule of Kepler I read yesterday. How may it be that the mass and the speed of planets (of this system?) are in an invariable ratlion,-without regard to the magnetic forces and the place of the axis and the magn. poles? I suppose the rule may be good only for a plent in her first age.

Since weeks I was eager to find in Hebrew sources an allusion to sun going from West to East. I was directed by the book of Thomson to Gaster; I went to 42str–but the two allusions were of no value. I wrote from Concord. west & east;

Today I asked Shulamith, (I was encouraged by her yesterday’s answer) whether by reading Bible she will look to an allusion to sun rising from west. Few hours later I found in the legends of Jews–when I already was disappointed to find an allusion to what I looked for, that–the last week before the Deluge the Sun rose in the West. And it good that it is written–the deluge was combined with disurption of the run of the earth. I am under my finding done few minutes ago—and already announced to Elisheva, Shulamith & Ruth.

Dec. 8. 940.

Two days ago reading about Typhon that he ruled in the days of great perturbances; and that he was smitten by Zeus and is drowned in the sea; I came to the idea (an idea came to me) that typhon is possibly the name of the pharaoh who was smitten and drowned in the sea. The struggle between the God and the pharaoh; and the struggle between the sun and the comet were identified in the mythus. So Typhon became the name of the devil of storm, comet, volano; but it was originally the name of the pharaoh. Now I have to find in the lists of the pharaohs of the time of Exodus this name. “Tymoetheus” begins the story of Manetho-Josephus. He was possibly the next pharaoh, as the invasion of Hyksos followed the drowning of pharaoh? Or this is the other version of the name? The other thing I understood was: the last change in the direction of movement was during the comet of Exodus. Zeus in his struggle with Typhon has the time to rob Europe from Phoenicia. Europe-Erev-Evening. It was not alight hear on the side of Zeus: the west turned to east. Kadmus—the brother of Europe—came to Hellas; this is the time of general migration. the new dwellers of Hellas were from Phoenicia.