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August 18, 1960

Dear Dr. Wiseman:

I still like to hope that I shall be able to include in the forthcoming sequel volume to Ages in Chaos some results of RC dating. An absolute dating is less certain by RC than a comparative dating. From the first volume of Ages you may know that I brought arguments for a synchronization of Shalmanessar III and Ahab with the kings of the closing 18th Dynasty. If it could be arranged that several Assyrian and Babylonian objects from -860 down to the end of the Neo-Babylonian kingdom could be compared by RC with the dates of the New Kingdom, I would expect some surprising results, with Egyptian and Hittite Empire relics showing a contemporaneity with much younger Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian objects. I would be greatly obliged, and I think the studies of the Ancient East would profit, if such comparative dating were performed. I even expect a greater discord in the datings of Ramses II and Merneptah (also Seti 1) of the 19th Dynasty and Ramses III of the 20th Dynasty than I believe to have shown for the 18th Dynasty.

I receive many letters with this very inquiry, also from some places of learning and I have to answer that no radiocarbon tests pertaining to the problems raised in Ages in Chaos were ever performed, thus leaving 1200 years of conventional history untested. Could you be of help?

Very sincerely,
Im. Velikovsky