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July 22, 1960

D. J. Wiseman
The British Museum

Dear Dr. Wiseman:

Almost two years ago I had your favor and help in obtaining some photographs of several tiles of Ramses III. I wish I could know whether, per chance, there exists among the tiles of Ramses III in the Museum one that would show the name (or figure) of Ramses III on its face and a‘Greek’letter (preferably alpha) on its back.

My next book, “The Peoples of the Sea” will deal with the period of Ramses III. At this occasion I observe that, strange as it is, but from the entire period of the New Kingdom in Egypt (and of the Late Period as well) there are no radiocarbon datings: Libby published three datings relating to the Old Kingdom, one to the Middle Kingdom, and the next one of the Ptolemaic period. Thus over 1200 years of conventional history are not yet tested; and I am not aware whether any RC dating from -1580 to -332 was ever made on any sample from any other country of the Ancient East.

Would you think that the British Museum could be interested to have some datings performed by this ^method? Possibly you are acquainted with my thesis (“Ages in Chaos” ) that a synchronization of the histories of Egypt and of other lands of antiquity requires a drastic shortening of the Egyptian history. Would it be possible to sacrifice some organic relics from the 19th and especially from the 20th Dynasty for such analysis’?

I have asked my publisher in London, Sidgwick and Jackson, to mail you a copy of my last book, “Oedipus and Akhnaton.”

  Very sincerely yours,
  Im. Velikovsky