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February 7, 1955

Dear Mr. Asip:

Would you please accept my apology for a somewhat retarded reply to your letter of January 21st. In that letter you have put the very proper question, could not the radiocarbon analysis settle the chronological problem raised by “Ages in Chaos” ?

I have spent various efforts in this direction, up till now without success. Professor Robert Pfeiffer of the Semitic Museum of Harvard University, always very sympathetic to my work, answered that his Museum has no suitable material from the New Kingdom in Egypt. Professor Frederick Johnson, Chairman of the “Committee on Carbon 14” of the American Anthropological Association and the Geological Society of America, a committee that selects samples for analysis, answered with a letter that made me think that he did not grasp the problem: he said something to the effect that their paradoxical dates, as far as he can remember, relate to American prehistory; Libby himself answered that he knows practically nothing of Egyptian chronology: Professor Etienne Drioton, Curator of the Louvre Museum, who wrote me very encouragingly after reading the first volume of “Ages in Chaos” did not answer my letter on the subject of last December.

Maybe, you could do some additional tries, writing to various magazines, daily press, or members of the Committee on C 14. . .

  Very sincerely yours,
  Immanuel Velikovsky