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January 21, 1955

Immanuel Velikovsky

Dear Sir:

The seemingly irreconcilable difference in dating this period [New Kingdom] caused me to inquire whether any chronology had been substantiated through some means other than by philological or archaeological research. Therefore, I wrote to Mr. William C. Hayes, Curator of Egyptian Art of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, asking him if he knew whether any artifacts from the Eighteenth Dynasty, particularly of the Reigns of Hatshepsut or Menkeperre had been dated by the radio-carbon or carbon 14 method and if so, what the results were. He replied that he knew of none that had been tested in this way and that “in the light of the very complete knowledge we have on this tightly dated and closely recorded period, it would serve no useful purpose to have this done “. . .

  Very truly yours,
  Francis J. Asip
  Long Island, New York