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March 15, 1955

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:

You may know that until now no radiocarbon test has been performed on any organic relic of the New Kingdom in Egypt—the period under investigation in “Ages in Chaos.” In the light of the evidence presented there, you may agree on the importance of a laboratory test of the chronological datings of that period of the past. In the last years I made a few unsuccessful attempts to induce Chemists and historians to perform this analysis. Even independent of my theory, this important period of the past should not be excluded from the carbon test to which many periods of various local cultures all over the world were subjected.

Recently I received a letter from a gentleman (F. J. Asip, Long Island, of Jan. 21. 55 answered Feb. 7. 55) who suggested the test to Hayes, Metropolitan Museum, before writing me. Hayes answered him that there is no need for a test of the New Kingdom datings: they are secure. This induced me to see Hayes.

After I have spent all my persuasive talent, I achieved that Hayes agreed that if I should bring him a letter from you (under the letterhead of the Semitic Museum) he would select three pieces—of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties—for a test on their radiocarbon. So important seemed to me this prospect that first I thought to travel to you to Cambridge. Then I decided to write to you and to ask to write a letter to Hayes and address it to me. I will bring it to him—I believe you would not refuse to write it and make it persuasive—together with a copy of “Ages,” which he did not yet read.

It may interest you that Professor Einstein, in the last sixteen months, gave much time to studying with me the implications of my theory for geology, astronomy, and natural sciences in general-in exchange of letters and in a series of long sessions that usually run to midnight. - My “Earth in Upheaval” (geological aspect of the theory) is presently scheduled for the fall.

With kind regards, also from Mrs. Velikovsky, to Mrs. Pfeiffer.


Cordially yours,

  Immanuel Velikovsky

P.S. In Hayes’opinion the tests should be performed at the request of institutions, not private scholars, like myself. His full name is William Christopher Hayes.

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