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November 7, 1953

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:

Thank you for your good letter of the 4th. I was glad to receive it and to hear that the radio-carbon dating of Dr. W. F. Libby of the University of Chicago confirms some of your own new dates in Egyptian and Near Eastern history before the Persian Period.

I would be delighted to confirm your conclusions by sending to Dr. Libby some organic substance from an Egyptian object (such as an Egyptian mummy case) from the New Kingdom (18th to 20th dynasty) if I could find one in the Harvard Semitic Museum. Unfortunately we have nothing belonging to that period, most of our exhibits are much later or are made of non-organic matter.

At present I do not know of any group or Forum in Harvard University where you could discuss your conclusions with students and faculty of Harvard University. I shall make inquiries and if I can find some suitable way of your lecturing at Harvard I shall let you know immediately.

Mrs. Pfeiffer and I send to Mrs. Velikovsky and yourself our kindest regards and best wishes.

  Yours cordially,
  Robert H. Pfeiffer