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April 30,1973

Chancellor J. Oshiro, M.D.
The University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta

Dear Dr. Oshiro:

Your very amiable letter with enclosed printed material was unduly long in transitóI received it before the weekend. You may be aware that your General Faculties Council followed by the Senate of the University made a selection and an unprecedented decision in the Academia: I have not been yet honored with any honorary degree. This, however, was never a source of disappointment to me: I was aware of the revolutionary character of my studies and findings. Today these views of mine are no more so hereticalómuch of what I wrote entered the textbooks and the curricula even if in some disguise.

If everything goes well, my wife and I shall come to Lethbridge a year from now. I thank you, dear Chancellor, the General Faculties Council, and the Senate of the University of Lethbridge.

Truly yours,
I. Velikovsky