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April 18, 1979

Dear Mrs. Velikovsky,

It seems that nearly every time your husband and I are in direct communication, one of our feelings gets hurt—maybe both. If Jan were there, I’d send this to him, but I’m not sure that he is any longer, so, reluctantly, I involve you again. I wrote the enclosed letter to your husband to inform him of how matters now stand with me. It is meant to give information, not to hurt feelings, but it could have that effect, so I’m sending it to you, so that you can either inform him of the contents, or give him the letter, if you think it won’t upset him too much. I think the letter itself explains things, and my feeling about things pretty well, so I shall not repeat its contents now.

Sorry to involve you again, but I’m glad you’re there, to act as mediator. Direct contaact seems destined only to hurt him or me, or both of us. That isn’t my intent (I am not so sure about his intent), but it’s usually the result, so, while I hate to put you in the middle, it seems best to use your services again. While things between him and me are not close any longer, I still respect him, his work and his feelings. The same applies to you, with the additional remark that I’m very fond of you personally. Although I am nolonger in his good graces, if he still has Greenberg et al. around, he should find some consolation in that. I have no more to say about that relationship than I have in the past.

Anyway, the enclosed letter tells how things now stand, so you’ll both know. I wish you both well.

Sincerely, Eddie

P.S. While I must confess some relief that I did not hear from your husband in some time, since his communications tend to accuse and criticize me for all sorts of things, mostly unfair and insulting, I hope that the lack of contact does not signify that either he or you is in poor health. I do not wish a revival of the kind of contact (abusive) he’s made lately, but I do hope that you’re both well and happy.

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