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January 14. 79

Dear Jan:

You probably follow to some extent the deliberations re Venus probes. The file on the subject is growing, a swell of public interest reaches me via phone calls, letters, printed letters, etc.

We spent till 23 Dec. in Princeton, next 18 days on Pelican island (some days we have been the only strollers on the boardwalk—in sleet and wind, for a couple of days the bay froze; but there were also sunnay and balmy days. Since 5 days we are again at Princeton.

At Ocean County I spent time on sorting papers and whenever I observed an achievement of yours, I felt gratitude. But the Assyrian Conquest I have not delivered, I permitted Lewis to print the Haremhab chapter in the next Kronos issue, also the Venus—Youthful Planet from Yale.

[one sentence on private financial matters omitted]

Elisheva mailed you a carbon copy of my letter to Prof. Bond. If you need some recommendation I will prepare it for you. For instance, a college—university, or any other purpose.

With Eddie I discussed on phone, before the end of the year, advised him to divide his effort on Mycenae into two stages—to prepare something that I may (or may not) use and at the same time a preliminary exposé of a projected PhD dissertation. (But, he said, his advisor already wrote him that he does not believe in moving the Mycenaean Age by centuries closer to the Ionic time). I did not tell him my idea of involving Dr. Connor into my plan, if Thomson is not responsive.

I dissipate my energies on bringing papers, manuscripts, correspondence, etc. into order, and today I started to answer my correspondents. New offers for big TV exposure (“You won,” told me the planner, from Washington, asserting that the Public Relations man at NASA gave him this information—he worked with the man in the press—he thinks big—12 hours on CBS). But Pollack, Mazurski and others are “the interdisciplinary scientists”—total 10, who would assess the work of the many specialists.

I do not ask about your visits to the psychologist, the tests, the plans, etc. It is up to you to write me when you clear up your plans for the next few years.

Happy 1979


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