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March 10, 1940

The Macmillan Company,
New York.

Dear Sir:

In answer to your letter of February 29, I like to give here an idea about my book “The Hatred” by attaching 1. A short resumé of my paper read at the international psycholog. Congress, Paris, Juli 1937, and by adjoining 2. A chapter about jelousy (the only chapter printed).

The book about the hatred is a new approach to the social psychology of the psychology of the unconsciousness. It reveals the most important part which the not finished struggle between the masculine and feminine ingredients of an embryo continues to play in the life and activities of a single personality and of the collectives. This idea brings light upon the origin of moral feelings, the source of religion, the sexual life, the behaviorismus, the hate of nations; a series of essays illustrate it, and the personalities Michael Servetus, Michael Angello, J. J. Rousseau, Leo Tolstoi and and others are implied.

A chapter is dedicated to the modern warfare; another - to Hitler with quotations from his description of his childhood which brought together make clear the origin of his ideas.

My ‘Hatred of Nations’ is, I think, the only one psychological approach to the problem of war and peace in existence; it opens a better chance for influencing than the sermon of the peace-preachers since ever.

‘The Presse Universitaire de France’ (Alcan & Co) wrote; to me before the beginning of the war they agree to print this book, I would prefer to let it appear in U.S. in English language previously.

Sincerely yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky