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December 20, 1955

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
558 West 113th Street
New York, New York

Dear Doctor Velikovsky:

I have just finished reading your latest book, EARTH IN UPHEAVAL, and hasten to tell you how interesting and absorbing I found it to be. As a lawyer, I particularly admire your way of marshalling and presenting the evidence for your thesis. I have not yet noticed any published reaction to this book, but it is bound to come and will probably be violent. In my judgment, however, it will take more than violent denunciation to shake your conclusions.

Mrs. Tulin and I are leaving for a holiday in Florida on Wednesday and will be gone a month. On our return to New York I will get in touch with you again.

In the meanwhile, I wish you and Mrs. Velikovsky the compliments of the season, and a very happy and successful New Year.

Yours cordially,

Abraham Tulin