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December 1, 1950

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
558 West 113th Street
New York 25, N. Y.

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:

Within the last three or four days two persons have talked to me about “Worlds in Collision” in a most complimentary way. These persons are of such intelligence and consequence that I think it worthwhile to tell you about it.

One is Moshe Sharett, the Foreign Minister of the State of Israel. I had presented him with a copy of “Worlds in Collision” some time ago; and when he was at my home for dinner Sunday night, he was enthusiastic about the book and expressed his first opportunity that Sharett will give me.

The other person who talked about your gook is a gentile named Sigmund Janas, who is president of Colonial Airlines, and in otherwise an important figure in industry in this country. He is a man of great intelligence. I sat next to him at lunch yesterday and casually asked him if he had time to read at lunch yesterday and casual asked him if he had time to read serious books, as I wished to recommend one to him. He replied that he was now reading “Worlds in Collision” and that he was entranced by it.

I congratulate you upon the impression which your book is making upon men of the caliber.

Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you and Mrs. Velikovsky again in the near future, I remain, with warmest regards to both of you,

Yours sincerely,

Abraham Tulin