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Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 9 (AP).—Frank E. Siple, sixty-seven, former Grand Rapids minister convicted in 1946 of the poison-murder of his retarded eighteen-year-old daughter, Dorothy Ann, died last night at his home.

Gov. G. Mennen Williams commuted Siple’s life sentence last December 29 “as an act of mercy” after prison physicians said Siple, ill of cancer, had a life expectancy of thirteen weeks of less. Siple survived a few days beyond thirteen weeks.

The ex-minister confessed the 1939 murder to police but later retracted the statement, claiming he had made admissions under coercion. The case attracted wide attention through the long period of prosecution. For a number of years Siple fought to reopen the case but unsuccessfully.

Siple wife, to whom he had been paroled, and a daughter, Mrs. Thomas Palmer, never lost faith in his innocence.