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27 Dickinson, S.W.

April 24, 1960

Dear Mrs. Siple:

I read your deeply moving letter; nobody could read it without strong emotions. I wish it could be read by many. To you its writing was a last little tribute to your husband, now dead. He was a martyr, and now I know that he was also a saint. Your devotion and your sufferings for him—none of them you would regret—made you, too, from a housewife and a clergyman’s spouse to a shining human being on earth.

You ask me who I am. My Dr. stands for M.D.; but in this country, now 21 years, I dedicated myself to historical research in Biblical times and wrote several books. As a sign of my admiration for you and your late husband, I mail you a copy of one of these books,

Cordially yours,
Immanuel Velikovsky