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March 9, 1979

Dear Immanuel,

I was glad to see the New York Times story. The Times may redeem itself yet!

January and February were mostly a loss, because of my pneumonia, but I am fully recovered now and am making progress on a number of simultaneous fronts.

Enclosed are copies of pages 18, 26, 27, and 28 of my “Philolaos” paper, about which you had several suggestions.

The circled sentence on page 18 needs to be changed, but I don’t know what the truth is here. Do you accept the “Sun of Night” label for Saturn? If not, perhaps I should just say that you have not committed yourself on this matter.

Your concern that I may have put into the mind of Philolaos ideas that were never there can perhaps be eased if I call your attention to the paragraph on the bottom of page 26 and the top of page 27. For I have not actually claimed that all these “variations” were ever in the mind of Philolaos himself; instead, I enumerated four different possibilities.

The circled material on pages 27 and 28 is new, and has been added in response to your reminder that you had referred to a weight reduction that was caused by a change in Earth’s charge. I hope that this new material will make that point clear to the readers.

As I indicated in our telephone conversation, yes, I would be interested in writing to people who have contacted you but whose letters you have not had time to answer. Whenever you wish, such letters can be passed on to me and I will answer them. I agree that we should not miss the opportunity to keep in contact with such people.

Best wishes,


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