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June 25, 1964

Dear Dr. Rix:

Your typescript (Mitteilung zur Sphinx) pp. I-XXV is safe and filed under your name. If you wish that I should send it to C. G. Jung Institute I would do so; or I would mail it to Mrs. Glanz in New York for that purpose. But before that you must assure yourself that somebody there should promise to take care of the typescript and read it and, if possible, suggest some plan for its publication in the form as it is or revised.

Dr. Kirsch who lives in Los Angeles but every summer goes to Zurich and is a member of the staff(?) of the Institute, corresponded with me and is my follower. At this moment I do not have his first name under hand. His brother in law, Gerhard Danelius, M. D., Forchstrasse 426, Zürich 8, is also my follower who visited me; not too young, he discontinued his X-ray praxis in L.-A. and went to Zürich to undergo a lengthy study and analysis; he is a serious and pleasant man and through him you may reach Dr. Kirsch and through the latter all the rest.

After you make a contact by letters advise me again what to do with your “Sphinx” . Generally I think that in your works there are interesting and important ideas and should the volume The Great Fear materialize itself I may come with some proposition as to the partial use of your material. But as you may know everything is slow with me.

Cordially yours,
Immanuel Velikovsky.