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March 4, 64


Dear Dr. Rix:

Only with a considerable delay I find time to react to your letter of February 1st. I shall refer the question concerning the sign of life in Egyptological literature to Dr. Walter Federn and upon receiving an answer I shall relate it to you.

I cannot but repeat my advice found in my earlier letters. Unless you will separate properly various ideas of yours and dedicate to each of them a separate treatment, you will have no book for a publisher. You are overwhelmed with your associations and all the time go on tangents. Two of your ideas, both concerned with Antisemitism and persecution, could make the ground idea of a book or an article; it could, much to the dislike of many people, Jewish and Gentile alike, provoke much interest. But you go after Symbolik (‘Lebenszeichen’) and after many other things, and the startling idea is made inconspicuous. Once more I offer you to elaborate on this theme, and after you have succeeded in it, start building out of large block-chapters your building-book. Since I intend to fulfill my old plan and write The Great Fear and since there are already from among the ranks of my readers a few men who have original contributions to make, there could be a collective book. Should you succeed to write the first main chapter of your own book and should it be desirous to me and to you, we may consider its inclusion in the collective work.


Immanuel Velikovsky