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Jerusalem, April 12, 1964.

Dear Dr. Velikovsky,

Attached you will find my essay about the sphinx. While it is difficult for me to judge if it makes readable stuff, I have endeavored to eliminate as far as possible all objectionable motives which might be prone to touch on the guilt-feelings of the reader and arouse his resistance. I think that I succeeded to keep the theme as neutral as possible until I came to the subject of the holocaust, where, so to say, something about the Cairo experts slipped into my pen, which might, first of all, alienate German readers. I would be only too glad to see, once in the time, the tiniest thread taken out of my concepts, to be utilized in some other more acceptable tissue of thoughts, where it might in some unobtrusive manner develop its effects for the general understanding.

I am quite willing, even longing, to write about Antisemitism, where I think I have a few, not yet generally conceived ideas to proffer. But as the subject is still more difficile, I just don’t know how to begin. It would be easier had I succeeded already in some other vein, and had only to carry on a theme already started someway.

There is another concept about a cosmic phenomenon which, misunderstood as it is, makes its effects felt in some very harmful way up to our present time, about which I intend to write in some concise manner. It is about the matter which Goodenough calls the divine fluid, but whose substrate is really fire.

I quite agree with you that the sphinx of Gizeh precedes the comet of the Exodus considerably in time, but, as you rightly say, Typhon may have impressed its face upon humanity on several earlier occasions. There is of course the possibility that it got mixed up with some other heavenly body. So at least it happened in later time, as seen in the following: “Und gleichzeitig beschreibt auch Herodot wieder den Typhon geradezu als denselbigen mit Ares oder dem Empedokleischen Neikon...” (A. Gladisch, Empedokles und die Aegypter, p. 79, Leipzig 1858).

I am not a psychologist. I am a physician at the present moment not even practicing. I need not stress that I am not pursuing personal ambitions. I am just trying to exploit my time, about which I can dispose just now at liberty as well as possible, but I cannot of course foresee if such a favourable situation will endure for ever.

I am not sure if I have sent you already my Götterdämmerung oder Götterfinsternis, which in my opinion contains some pertinent ideas to the Jewish as well as to the whole ‘political’ question plaguing humanity. Did you find already the time to read Bemerkungen zu Dürer’s Melencolia I, which approaches the problem again from another angle?

Consurgens (“Ein dem Thomas von Aquin zugeschriebenes Dokument der alchemistischen Gegensatzproblematik” ). I have not read it yet really carefully, but I think it is another proof that Jung has come very near to the crux of the matter, he has just missed to find the right co-ordinates for the projections of our world-system.

Thank you very much for your letter of April 7,yours very cordially ,

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