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4 Harley Avenue
Princeton, N. J.

December 4, 1952

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:

Working very slow I have finished the reading of the galleys of the second volume of “Ages in Chaos.” The galleys were in my hands for a very long time, and I have reworked the first chapter and added some sections; the work of Claude Schaeffer, “Stratigraphie Comparée” in which he comes on archaeological ground to the identical conclusion, as in my two books, of a natural catastrophe at the end of the Middle Kingdom, will be the subject of the final section. In the preface to the second volume, there will be some kind words of Etienne Drioton.

I have not heard from you in response to my last letter a few weeks ago. Probably the letter did not have anything in it worth responding; and possibly you had no chance to answer it in your busy schedule. But being spoiled in the years past by your singular attention to your correspondents, I started to think: Was an administrative pressure put on you to disassociate yourself from an iconoclast? Or have my critics supplied you with “proofs” of Velikovsky’s being discredited? If the last is the case, let me know the proofs and you may have my answer. I believe that with the exception of two quotes in “Worlds in Collision” I have nothing to revoke when a new edition will be made of either of my two books, and quite a number of additional proofs can be added. Actually I am finishing now the first draft of “Earth in Upheaval,” the geological aspect of the catastrophes in historical times and their causes.

With kind regards also for Mrs. Pfeiffer,

Cordially yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky