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October 19, 1951

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:

Yesterday I have received your “Il Giudaismo nell’ Epoca Neotestamentaria”, for which—and for the kind inscription, I thank you and feel much honored. This is for me the right occasion to study Italian: Is not this easy to understand: “La Bibbia ebraica consta di tre parti: il Pentatueco, i profeti, e gli agiografi, etc.” Since many years I have the intention to learn Italian, and since I am intrigued to know what is in your book, I shall make a new start.

With kind regards to Mrs. Pfeiffer, also from my wife,

Cordially yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky

This written from Princeton, N. J., where I have “a retreat” and also a few friends among the scholars. The retreat is 12, Park Place.