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57 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts

August 31, 1951

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
New York City

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:

Upon my return from Europe about ten days ago I found your good and welcome letter of July 3 inside a great pile of mail which had, for unknown reasons, remained in my house instead of being forwarded to me. Please excuse my disgraceful delay, which is involuntary and inevitable, in thanking you for it. This is one of the times I wish I had a secretary.

After I finished my course in the University of Rome, we toured in France and Spain, and then rested in some Italian summer resorts; and finally we flew from Geneva to Boston.

Allow me to congratulate you for the forthcoming publication of your book AGES IN CHAOS, which all readers of WORLDS IN COLLISION have been eagerly awaiting. I in particular am awaiting the two volumes in order to meditate again your revolutionary chronological conclusions. When I return to Cambridge in two weeks (I am now in Westport, Conn., where you visited us) I must ask the Harvard astronomers to return the copy of WORLDS IN COLLISION which they borrowed and apparently intend to keep.

We subscribe to Harper’s Magazine and I read with great interest your “Answer to my Critics” and the reply of Prof. Stewart. If you sent me a copy of the June Harper’s please accept my thanks. I have not yet finished going through the printed matter which accumulated during my absence.

With my kindest regards and best wishes,


Yours faithfully,

  Robert H. Pfeiffer

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