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July 31, 1950
Professor Robert H. Pfeiffer
Route 1
Westport, Connecticut

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:
Your magnanimous letter of July 28th I read and felt that you are generous to me and ungenerous to yourself. Though part of the material of the book does not belong to your field, the Bible and biblical history, Egyptian history, Assyrian and Babylonian material and generally the Ancient East make up more than half of my book. Scientists (astronomers) try to dispute my theory on the basis of historical material of which they know very little and certainly should sit on the sidelines as the historians discuss my theory; my material is mainly historical.
I believe you will not oppose my showing your letter to my publisher and him using it for his purposes, together with letters of other scholars, among them geologists, physicists and chemists.
It gives me a very good feeling to know that you read my book with interest and this is one of the remunerations of ten years’ spent on this and the other book.

Immanuel Velikovsky