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Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky 526 West 113 Street, New York 25

May 6, 1949

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:

In agreement with me, MacMillan sent to you my “Ages in Chaos” in its final version. I understand that you have finished the reading and made the report. It was very kind of you to take this assignment. If the time permitted you to read the Mns. page by page and not to rely in parts on the recollection of the reading of the single chapters of the early version in 1942, I am assured that I won this time an unwavering adept for my reconstruction.

I prepared also a section concerning the Assyrian chronology, a matter to which you drew my attention two summers ago, but actually: Platanos tomb proves the contemporaneity of the tablets of Arrapha and Nuzu of the 15th century with seal impression of the First Babylonian Dynasty show by implication that the Middle Kingdom in Egypt endured until the middle of the second millennium. But where is left the time of the Hyksos already reduced from 5 to 2 centuries? And if the Middle Kingdom endured until the 15th century, how to start the New Kingdom in the beginning of the 16th century?

It seems to me that I brought material sufficient to prove the thesis without additional material from Khorsabad of Mari, Nuzu and Alalakh, though the reduction of the Cappadocian tablets by 600 years and of the entire Middle Eastern Chronology by 350 or 400 years proves that the entire structure of the old chronology becomes untenable, and a new chronology is due. I believe that I filled the vacant scheme before it was realized that a reconstruction would be mandatory.

My other book “Worlds in Collision” is since long in proof sheets before me and MacMillan is anxious to have also the historical work; so am I, especially because the work in print is built in relying on the revised chronology as if it were already published.

I finished a short essay on Baalbek in biblical times and wonder whether you would by interested to see it.

Very sincerely yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky

Greetings from Mrs. Velikovsky and from me to Mrs. Pfeiffer.

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